Ceil Maralit

We are like computers, when you put the wrong code everyday and don't take time to fix it, there will come a time that you will not be able to track your errors. Worse, it's too late to track and fix it anymore.

I am a multilingual person

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Front end web developer, soon to become a full stack developer. Very passionate about coding, programming, & solving things that I completely don't know the solution of.

Most especially, a life-long learner.


Human spirit is limitless.
Never stop until the work is done.
The first way to solve a problem is to recognize it.
Details are vital.
Persistence is the key.



The Mobile-First Layout Project showcases my css skills through adjusting the website's layout in different viewport sizes. Just like this one!

The mobile-first layout is made with pure html and css, no frameworks.

The Online Registration Form is very important, most especially when you want your users to register on your website, to get the most out of it.

Don't worry. I got you!

The Circles UI Kit Project is also a showcase of my CSS skills using flexbox. Adding interactions and engaging effects on your website is important, to keep your users in it!

This project also uses SASS, for faster and more efficient work.

The Photo Gallery Project presents my skills on using the most popular JavaScript library, jQuery. You know what jQuery says, "write less, do more".

The Web App Dashboard project is the project I'm proud of. This project contains my pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills combined!

The Game Show App project is a guessing game and is the highlight of my JavaScript skills, for this project was made with vanilla JavaScript.

The Employee Directory project is the highlight of all my front end web development skills. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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And to everyone who made this possible. Thank you!

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